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Being close to each person's values,
Connect encounters


With a "Sparkle Career"

Take a new step

What we value in our daily lives, the future we envision,

Everyone who wants to be is different.


"What do you look for in a job?" It also depends on each person.


To build a “connection between people and the company” that suits each person's values

We respect each style

We will firmly face the life of “until now” and “from now on”.


For a brighter life than now

"People and companies" Connecting "people and the future"

Sparkle carrier


Business Content


Job change support service

Registration / consultation

Proposal for employment

Referral fee payment

Introduction of human resources

job seeker

Our company

Medical instit tion Welfare facility


Talent acquisition co-Nsaru Te fin grayed

For medical institutions and welfare facilities

For dispatch / introduction companies

Specializing in recruitment and recruitment


Solving various issues around human resources.

For the challenges of the client

Made-to-order service

We are making suggestions.

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